Turning Challenges into Opportunities

At Shift Solutions we believe that no business problem needs to remain that. In fact, we see your challenges as opportunities to build something creative and impactful to your business.

Ryan Pitts, Owner

We built this company because we believed things could be different. Companies no longer working for clients, but rather with them. We want to partner with you to find software solutions that fit your business needs.

- Ryan Pitts, Founder & CEO

Our Process

We take the time to get to know you, your pain points, and the needs of your users. We work together to build solutions that have the greatest impact on your business, and then iterate on those solutions based on our data-driven information gathering.



First, we want to become experts in your business. We work hard to get know your successes, challenges, and goals.



Next, we take the insights we gained from learning with you, and we work with you to turn them into real solutions.



Finally, we iterate throughout the build using our data-driven approach, ensuring that we have created the best possible experience together.